XConfessions goes Berlin!

At this very moment, somewhere in cold Berlin, magic is happening. We’re cooking the new XConfessions guest films! And this time, behind the cameras, we have our beloved Pau Pappel!

As you know, we have been making XConfessions an even more collaborative project by releasing new productions directed by guest directors from other parts of the world. And since your feedback has been so great, we invited Pau Pappel to become a part of this exciting challenge! She accepted our invitation and is now coordinating the filming and production of two of your xconfessions. Pau has already worked with XConfessions as a performer, starring in Boat Buddies With Benefits, I Wish I Was a Lesbian and The Ultimate Kink.  You can see the interview we’ve done with her here. No doubt she’s going to do a pretty good (and HOT!) job! You go, Paul!