Last night was a big night for XConfessions! Erika was invited to present the project at the amazing 51st Chicago International Film Festival, and screen a selection of short films during a fantastic conversation with Chicago-based filmmaker Maria Finitzo.

“I have to say, I’m super proud. This has been a big step not only for me as a filmmaker, but for everyone who believes in feminism, in empowering women and in giving erotic movies a different perspective”, said Erika. Her willingness to express female pleasure, and the effort in making every one of her short films to feel real, put her name next to renowned directors like Todd Haynes, Michael Moore or Paolo Sorrentino.

More than 150 people attended to the theatre to see Erika speaking her thoughts on porn industry, feminism, female pleasure, sex behaviour and sex education, among many other subjects present in her work. What a wonderful opportunity to break some taboos of erotic cinema!