My moaning neighbor – New release in XC!

Dear loud sex people, today’s release is all about you! The yellers, the moaners, the ones who just can’t keep it down – don’t worry, we’re looking at you with our best blessing eyes. Sex noises are part of the whole arousing game, and the moans are no different. They’re actually quite fun, too! So turn up the volume and come enjoy My Moaning Neighbor!

Mickey Mod is trying to work from home, but he can’t concentrate – his neighbor, a horny girl from the 2nd floor, makes sure to reach higher voices every time she “has a little sex”. He has an army ready for war -a vacuum cleaner, a record of dogs barking really loud- but all he gets is the girl knocking on his door to ask for explanations from all the provocative random noises. He then gets ready for the fight… but who’s there when he opens the door? Vex Ashley ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in XConfessions!

Read the confession and watch My Moaning Neighbor now!