XC Guest Directors: The Bitchhiker

Olympe de G.’s The Bitchhiker is one of those films that a review just won’t do enough. More than directing her first short for XConfessions as a guest director, she is also performing in it. Plus, the whole script came from a personal erotic fantasy that she had for ten years: to give a ride to a man who isn’t afraid of having girls taking the lead. And she doesn’t mean only leading the motorcycle.

The Bitchhiker is a story of a girl who rides a badass motorcycle not because it looks good or because that’s what badasses girls do, but because it’s in her nature. She speeds up to feel the breeze in her skin, to activate her body and her soul, to feel alive and whole. Her motorcycle is her other half, and she’s happy. The engine is powerful, but it’s ok as so is she.

She sees a man on the side road. He’s hitchhiking. Like him she’s seen a thousand, the road is full of so-called brave man who are only brave until they’re taken out of their comfort zones. No man likes being driven by a woman, she thinks, but something in her skin is asking her to stop. And so she does.

Parker Marx is the guide on the road, and in his eyes she sees no fear. He’s cool with whatever she says. He mounts the motorcycle and Olympe knows that they’re in for a nice ride – maybe the best ride they’d ever have together.

The locations are perfect, and hats off to the art direction of the film! The dark, motorcycle oily lube dripping from their bodies fits perfectly in the whole “my body is an engine” world. Parker and Olympe had worked together and their chemistry is of two people who share the same vision of sexuality and who understand, respect and love each other’s body. What you see is a fusion – but not only a carnal fusion. It’s lusty sex at its best.

Olympe and Parker also perform an amazing pegging scene. The dildo comes as a part of the motorcycle. It gets lubed up. And it’s a motor on its own.

Watch it now!