XC Brings You…The Ultimate Kink!

Today’s release in XConfessions is a sexy, funny story about a female couple who’ve done it all. Almost! Their great appetite for life, adventure and sex has left them trying almost everything sexually. But there’s one thing they’re yet to try: a man! And so they go searching for a man to take to bed for the first time ever. Join them as they go looking for The Ultimate Kink!

As the lusty, eccentric couple we have the lovely Silvia Rubi and Paulita Pappel and as the man to help with their curiosity, no other than Mickey Mod. He enters the the two women’s beautiful modernist apartment with some reservations – but ultimately goes with the flow to fulfill their fantasies and become their ultimate kink. A sparkling, erotic firework of lust, The Ultimate Kink is a funny, warm and beautiful piece of adult cinema, filled with passion, sweat and humour. Snappy dialogue and seriously hot scenes guaranteed.

Watch this charming flick now!