A Virtual Reality romance from the future

The year is 2097. A man is longing for a love lost, a woman from his past who he can’t forget. He enters a room and picks up a Virtual Reality headset. And within minutes, he is transported back in time, back to those experiences that he has captured through his camera. Her smile, her hands. Her hair gently blowing in a soft breeze. The sunlight brightens a sparse, modern room, where his younger self and his lover lie down together. Their intimacy is passionate, hungry, full of love and desperate tenderness. He doesn’t have her, but he still has the memories that take him back to her.

This week on XConfessions is a very special release. Based on a fantastically imaginative confession, around the future of technology and what Virtual Reality could do for us in the future, Erika Lust has created her most intimate, romantic and emotionally stirring film yet.

Perfectly matched in their gracious, natural beauty are Parker Marx and Maria Agrado, as the couple from the past (or our future) in the midst of romantic bliss. Playfully videotaping her as she wanders through their garden, or as she dresses and dances, the couple then shed their clothes and have the kind of sex that is not only deeply arousing, but moves something within you. Playing the older gentleman is Jaume de Sans, whose piercing blue eyes are full of such longing, such loss that it almost brings you to tears.

Erika also collaborated with the exquisite luxury lingerie label Botica, who made the sheer nude underwear that Maria wears so beautifully. Futuristic in it’s seemingly seamless styling, Botica are based in Madrid.

If what you have been looking for is a representation of romantic intimacy, of love-making rather than just fucking, then this film is for you. Watch it from today on XConfessions!