Viking vs. Cheerleader in a sexed-up marriage on XC!

In our newest release in XConfessions, a married couple have succumbed to the cliché of a sexless marriage. Lying in bed next to each other, they each wonder, where has the spark gone? Let Me See Your Ponytail Swing / I Want a Viking Warrior is out today!

Sylvan is convinced his wife is being deliberately unsexy, with her plastic mouth-guard and her baggy pyjamas. And Viktoria is totally aware of his distaste – but she can’t help being completely turned off by his pleading eyes, just begging for a blowjob. What’s sexy about that? She remembers when they first started dating, how hard his cock would be… and now, who wants to fuck a semi-hard dick? If only he was like he used to be back then. Powerful, passionate, desperate to take her in his arms. Like a sexy viking warrior!

As Sylvan looks over at his wife, he knows there’s an erotic fantasy hiding within her. He just wishes they could explore together. He’s had this fantasy, since he was a teenager, about fucking a cheerleader, and he wants that fantasy to include his wife. With a swinging ponytail and no knickers on under her little skirt, bouncing around on top of him and feeling the joy of sex between them.

Lust explores these two fantasies that were submitted as separate confessions on XConfessions by two separate users. Hilariously exposing the typical clichés with her unique style and humour, we see what happens when a couple allows themselves the space to explore with each other – and the results are fierce!

Debuting in her first ever adult film, Viktoria Vaar is a feminist, activist and sex-worker, who, with this release, is “coming out of the closet” to deliberately tackle the stereotypes associated with sex work. Her intelligence, her fiery passion, make her a joy to watch. And she is perfectly matched with Sylvan – a strong, passionate performer with a babyface that you shouldn’t let fool you!

Watch it now on XConfessions!