Today’s release: Take a sip of lust

Enjoy the taste of the latest XConfessions film: Wine is The Best Lubricant. Is there anything more pleasurable than sipping on a nice glass of wine? The rich taste evoking your senses, a magical warm feeling spreading from your tongue, down your throat, flowing rhythmically in your blood to relax your body and mind. It’s rather erotic isn’t it? Shot at the beautiful wineshop Magatzem Escola in El Born, Barcelona, this new release from XConfessions takes the eroticism of wine tasting to a whole new level. 

We’re happy to welcome two new performers to Lust: as our wine-taster you’ll see the French and beautiful Tiffany Doll. French is after all said to be the language of wine – and don’t miss her incredibly sexy french dirty-talk.And as the wine teacher, the handsome Manu Falcon from Madrid. Wine tasting has never looked this hot.  

Pour yourself a large glass of wine and let all of your senses be seduced by the story. Watch Wine is The Best Lubricant on XConfessions now – salut!