Somos Solo Cuerpos, an ode to sexual magnetism!

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is to have pleasure? To feel your skin getting warm, your body heating up, your muscles starting trembling? Have you given yourself time to feel all those things with the calmness it deserves, enjoying every second, without rushing for the climax? The newest release of XConfessions, Somos Solo Cuerpos, is a true homage to the human body and it’s wondrous ability of feeling.

Produced by Erika Lust and directed by Adriana Eskenazi as part of the Guest Directed films in XConfessions, Somos Solo Cuerpos is beautifully pure. Eskenazi, who is one of our still photographers for XConfessions, managed to create a unique and beautiful movie. Her choice of angles, lighting, and rhythm depicts a sexual encounter in a way that’s hard to find – and easy to enjoy.

For that, she didn’t need more than a black background, some smartly placed spotlights and two performers who could live those emotions in full. Her cast couldn’t be more striking: Julia Roca ands Joel Tomas, with their mediterranean bodies and spectacular chemistry. Both have worked with XConfessions in the past and are delightful, fun and adventurous people that we’re always proud to have in the project!

We could go on and on about Somos Solo Cuerpos, but this is a film just like the best fucks: made to be enjoyed, and not explained. So what are you waiting for?

Watch now!