She’ll Be a HERO for him – XC release

This week in XConfessions we’ll tell you a story of a girl.

She’s bold. She’s brave and fearless, she’s got that thing running through her veins. Dark skin and dark eyes, all mixed with that almost uncomfortable white skin.

And she’s horny.

Now there’s a GoPro lying around. What can she do with it? She’s bored, and she’s alone. No, she can’t just tape it in her bike and cycle around town. No interest in skating, her boyfriend – the camera owner – was already on that. Taking a selfie with friends? Nah, way too boring. She then decides to take the GoPro underwater. Not to film fishes, but to film something way more interesting: her fingers, warm and wet, carefully opening way through her labia, caressing her clit and entering her pussy. She’ll please herself, deliciously and delightfully… and kindly enough to leave it all in the memory card. When he sees it, she’ll say that it was all for his pleasure.

Anneke Necro will seduce and inspire you while playing Be a Hero‘s super creative author. Watch it now!