Sex and Lust and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Another film based on one of the many confessions submitted on, introducing Noir and Daryl!

We have a new release on XC! And this one is pretty bad-ass. Erika Lust introduces us to the British real-life couple and musical duo Sex Kult, who not only have a deep sexual and emotional connection, but an artistic one too. Creating music, performance pieces and videos together,  for Noir and Daryl, their sexuality and their music is intricately intertwined. To explore this, Lust set up a private gig for her friends and colleagues of the band’s performance – a vital part of exploring the dynamic between this dark and exciting duo.

Daryl and I knew each other for several years before we actually started sleeping together. We were both fresh to Brighton UK, him to study music and me to study philosophy. I was in a band with his older brother and Daryl played some shows with us…. As soon as I met him, even though he was younger than me, I felt the shyness that comes from attraction, although, being very unawakened sexually, I didn’t realise then that that was what it was. He was seventeen, I was nineteen. We didn’t start fucking until he was twenty-four and I was twenty-six…and in a long-term relationship with someone else…

For both of us, it was a sexual awakening. Partly heightened by the fact it was forbidden and had to be kept secret, eventually we realised our connection went deeper than just sex. I ended my relationship and soon we were full time lovers.

Confession by Noir

“I think it’s part of human nature to be sexual, and to repress that is where all the problems start coming in…” 

Noir and Daryl let us in on their dark, gothic world by opening up in their interviews at the beginning of the film. Two British born musicians, they met in Brighton, and very swiftly realised that their connection was more than sexual, it was artistic.

The atmosphere is dark and intense, with some kinky yet deeply passionate sex. Daryl plays with dripping candle wax onto the very submissive Noir, spanking her and grabbing at her ass until she’s pink.

“It’s really feeling music in your body, and sex, and those primal desires and urges and feelings that tap into the essence of who we are as humans”

If you like sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll, you’re gonna love this…

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