This weeks XConfessions release is all about sex on the beach. We are here to banish it’s bad reputation with awkward rendezvous on sun beds, rushed hookups in the middle of the night and the fumbling sessions after those ever so tasty cocktails hailing the name.

The sun rising in the early hours of a warm summers day in the Costa Brava, EL CHICO DE LA PLAYA NUDISTA tells the story of a Spanish couple who meet on a deserted beach. Taking off their clothes to soak up the first of the days sun rays, they frolic in the sea and sand…

Starring Julia Roca and Bel Gris, the two create a wonderfully organic relationship, their olive skinned bodies intertwining beautifully, making sex on the beach look like a dream.

Indulge in some outdoor play with this weeks release EL CHICO DE LA PLAYA NUDISTA on now!