Remastering xconfessions

There are those who do something good and are satisfied with it… and then there’s us.

It’s no secret that when we create films at Lust, we do so with the best possible cinematography in mind. XConfessions care about gorgeous photography, inspiring soundtrack, breathtaking settings and creative scripts… and as you know, we are always eager for more. As our films are increasingly being shown on big screens in theaters around the world, we want to make your viewing experience even better; more refined, more beautiful.

To help us with that mission, we’ve asked Álvaro Robles to come work with us at XConfessions. Álvaro Robles is a great colorist and he first joined the team during the production of XConfessions Volume 4 to help making the footage match perfectly from shot to shot. Color correction and grading are bringing our films to an inspiring next level, and the result is so stunning that we’ve decided to remaster some old films as well. And they are already available for the XC community!

All remastered versions have wonderful colors and are sexier than ever. Some of them have also had edition improvements. And of course we’re keeping the sex sequences intact, just as you want us to.

Here’s the list – pick your favorite and enjoy!

I wish I was a lesbianThe art of spankingWe know you are watchingThe couchsurferA blowjob is always a great last minute gift ideaDude looks like a ladyDo you find my feet suckableFraulein OBoat buddies with benefitsManual del placerTake me drunk I’m home