XConfessions’ most sensuous summer: Vol. 3 remastered!

Today we’re releasing the remastered edition of XConfessions Vol. 3!

We did a good work of color correction and grading, which is essential to help connecting one shot with the other. Everything is more fluid, more pretty and a lot more cinematic. We might have corrected one cut or another, and made some edition improvs, but don’t worry: the shorts continue as explicit as you like.

10 amazing, smart & explicit short films 

So let me invite you to see the first religious fetish in XConfessions, the first lesbian threesome, and more ambitious storytelling and settings in 10 amazing explicit shorts:

A Remastered XConfessions to call yours! Download it now from my Store (use the code XC3REM20 for a 20% discount!) 💘

Don’t forget: XConfessions Vol. 2 is also available in remastered edition. Download here.