Public Submission: exhibitionism at it’s sexiest!

Have you ever imagined being blindfolded in a public place, having sex with your partner, when all of a sudden more hands start touching you and you don’t know who they belong to? The thrill of exhibitionism brought to life in the careful hands of someone you know, and several people you don’t

Erika Lust Films’s newest release from XConfessionsPublic Submission, is a funny, quirky and incredibly erotic fantasy. A couple are hiking through the woods when they come across the perfect location for some outdoor fun. After blindfolding her, the hiker proceeds to try and make his girlfriend scream, while she tries to keep quiet….

Produced and Directed by Erika Lust, this fantasy is a mixture of fun in the wilderness and thrilling anonymous sex, shot in Serra d’en Gatell in the gorgeous park of Collserola, just outside a big old house called Vila Can Valldaura.

The gorgeous Mickey Mod and the equally enchanting Maria Agrado feature, and their chemistry is spectacular. We also have Jowy & Eze as our surprised hikers, and a cameo from two sex-positive youtubers who were invited to the set – Hannah Witton and Melanie Murphy! Look them up for some smart and funny conversations about sexuality.

This film is sure to make you laugh, as well as get you off. So what are you waiting for?

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