Magic spells in a new XConfessions film

Today we’re releasing a new film in XConfessions: I Put A Pagan Spell On You!  A story about a witch in 1772 who desires a man and wants him to feel the heat of her body warm. So she recites a pagan spell! A pinch of magic, nature and enigma into XConfessions!

She recites the spell on her dark house, just lighted up by candles. And goes into to the woods to wait for her man. As soon as he appears, she takes him by the hand and brings him near a piece of fabric she has laid on the forest. The spell has worked. They start kissing and touching each other.

I love this confession! It triggered my imagination and made me travel in time. I imagined a cabin in the woods and a solitary magnetic witch and that’s how I began to work on the story.

Casting was easy! From the first moment, I knew who I wanted to cast as my witch and the man she desires. The witch was played by Vex Ashley (who also starred in in Dirty Doctor and My moaning neighbor ) and the enigmatic man she wants, was played by Owen Gray, a very smart man, and multi-talented artist. A new performer shooting for XConfessions that we hope we can keep working with. He has a very unusual look, he has used body modification with scars to adorn his body, just the same as tattoos. He has an Y incision skin removal and you don’t see that eveyday. He has a personality, that is obvious, but most importantly I know Vex really enjoys working with him. So the whole package was perfect.

It is not the first time we shoot outdoors. But this time we nearly didn’t make it! Villa Can Valldaura was the perfect set for a witchcraft affair. The wedding planners from the wedding that had to happen next day must have thought the same! The location made a schedule mistake and my producer had to use all his negotiation skills so the short film could be made that day! What a team I have!

Wondering how the spell works out at the end? Find out now in XConfessions!