Love bites don’t hurt: CARNE, a new XConfessions film

Bon appétit everybody! Today we’re releasing a new film in XConfessions: CARNE. A story about a girl who desires a guy so much, that all she wants is to cut him into very small pieces, cook him, and eat him. A butcher’s erotic story, only to prove how our palates really know what’s good in life!

The kitchen is clean, she’s preparing a special meal. She pours some wine and take a sip, making it very clear that he is not welcome to drink from her glass. His arms are tied to the chair. He also can’t move, or speak. You can see in his eyes that the poor guy is starving! – but what is he really wishing, the meal, or her?

This isn’t XConfessions’ first time playing with food, but it is our first cannibal-based story. Oh do I love these type of confessions, when the fetish is absolutely edgy and weird, but at the same time so real and beautiful! The only two really essential things in life are sex and food. And oh my, how they do well together! Carne has tension, eroticism, fetish and beauty, just the way I like.

Casting worked out perfectly! The kinda-crazy butcher girl was played by Zoe Davis (who also starred in A Lethal Femme Fatale – this girl wasn’t made for weak roles!), and the piece-of-meat delicious guy came to life with amazing Parker Marx. It was his first time in XConfessions and I just couldn’t have chosen anyone better. He’s got everything: the face, the body, the moves, and so much talent acting! We can feel his hungry randiness from being attached to that chair, watching the beautiful Zoe walking around on so much coldness as if she just didn’t care. Which by the way would turn out to be a little white lie!


We worked with Kathleen Engelhardt to make our dishes look beautiful – they say half of the taste is in how the dish looks! Kathleen is a wonderful chef who became known in Barcelona due to her Clandestine Dining. She joined this XConfessions shooting to prepare the meal that Zoe Davis had cooking in the oven. No need to say that, after the scene was shot, we all had a piece of her dish and omg, words can never do it justice!

Wondering what happens to Parker Marx after all Zoe’s haze? Find out now in XConfessions!