It’s Ladies’ Night at XConfessions

Ladies, take a seat for the latest XConfessions release: Magic Magnus! There’s nothing like a man who dares to do a bit of dancing in order to spice things up, like a bird showing off his colorful feathers. Right, ladies? So sit down, relax, and just enjoy the show.

This film has everything a girl could want: dancing, real passionate sex…and some glorious assless chaps in suede! The film follows a couple who are stuck in a sexual rut, and the man decides to surprise his lady with a bit of erotic dancing à la Magic Mike… The result: Magic Magnus.

Magic Magnus is played by Californian world-traveller, surfer, and adult heartthrob Tyler Nixon, who does an amazing job at dancing and having fun with the role (and with the suede chaps). Tyler showed his sexy moves for the lovely Lina Bembe from Mexico –  and the two have an amazing genuine connection in this warm, funny and sexy film.

Watch Magic Magnus at XConfessions now!