I’m hosting an evening of XC screenings in Chicago!

Do you live in Chicago? Join me and Taboo Tabou for an evening that will be the very first of it’s kind in this beautiful city!

Taboo Tabou is a woman-owned sex shop in Chicago specializing in lingerie, BDSM, toys and everything sexy! Their goal is to promote a body and sex positive environment that transforms the person beyond the bedroom.  Taboo Tabou is the ultimate girl power experience, selling sex toys and hosting private parties and workshops.

I’m teaming up with them to bring you a night which is all about passion, lust, sex, education, body positivity and, of course, XConfessions! Throughout the early part of the evening we’ll be holding a master class and education workshop in the art of bondage, electroplay and self pleasure (the perfect celebration for International Masturbation Month!) After that we’ll be holding an exclusive XConfessions screening at The Annoyance Theatre!

We’re all super excited about this. Not only is this a chance to share my latest work with you (for free!), it’s also a well needed opportunity to surround oneself with sex positive and like minded people! This evening is about debunking taboo and having open, honest discussions about sexuality. And having fun with it! We want to discuss intimacy, love and lust from the female perspective.

Of course, the more the merrier! You can find all the details of the screening by having a little click right here. Unfortunately, the event is only open to those who are 21 or older. If you’re over 18, you can still become a member of XConfessions.com 😉