The nectar of the Gods: Female Ejaculation

It’s finally here! Female Ejaculation, the first XC¬†short film¬†directed by Paulita Pappel, is finally live¬†in XConfessions. And it is just like its creator: witty, daring, and naughty!

“What? Women can ejaculate?” – we hear some of you asking, just like our storm-head friend from the movie. To which¬†we answer: COME ON, REALLY? Yes, sir. Women¬†do have fluids shooting out of our sacred parts once in a while. We can even teach ourselves to doing¬†it if we want to!¬†And no, it is NOT pee, if that’s what you’d wondering next.

Female squirters have been proven to be possible for every women and they happen right at the moment of climax, and they are one of Paulita Pappel’s favorite subjects on screen. So much that, when¬†Erika¬†invited her to collaborate with XConfessions, she quickly wrote and submitted a story¬†already thinking in how she¬†would explore the gushing in a relaxed, natural and very sexy way. Of course we¬†loved the idea! So XConfessions’¬†line producer went to meet her in Berlin, and this is how this dream came true.

Paulita is currently living in Berlin, where she’s an icon of alt porn culture: she knows everything and everyone. She was in charge of casting and that’s how Sadie Lune and Jesse Stryder¬†got officially invited for their first performances in XConfessions.¬†As you know, she¬†has been present in several moments¬†of XC’s history: together we’ve gone¬†sailing, we’ve eaten oysters, we’ve gone super¬†kinky. No need to say how happy we are¬†that¬†today she’s here, showing¬†in her own ways what a real squirter looks like!

In the mood for some naughty fluids? Watch it now!