Fall for the ski instructor in an exhilirating new romance on XC!

So, your vivacious and beautiful best friend, Anya Olsen, has been through a difficult break up and is gloomier than ever… What do you do? Take her to the sparkling, sun drenched mountain tops of a luxurious ski resort, of course! There’s nothing like that crisp cold air, exercise, warm fires and delicious après-ski wine to take your mind off troubles back home. And that’s not the only distraction.

Imagine her elated surprise on finding out that sporty, sexy, boy-next-door Tyler Nixon is her ski instructor! If only it were that simple… it takes more than a few ski runs and snow ball fights to lighten Anya’s mood. Best friend Kali takes things into her own hands, playing match-maker back at the lodge and inviting Tyler over for an evening of wine, fondue and conversation, then exits quickly with nothing but a suggestive wink. Within no time at all the roaring fire, shameless flirting and obscene sexual tension erupt into an explosive and passionate example of Erika Lust’s signature approach to equal, intimate, real sex scenes.  

Real life friends Anya and Tyler display their electrifying chemistry and extensive ability to act in this fresh, exciting and romantic new short. The Ski Instructor oozes personality and humour, with a sex scene that’s incredibly hot, tender and familiar. 

Winter is my favourite season. I love everything about it.
Snowboarders and skiers, hot wine, fondue, chimneys…. everything is sexy in the mountains!
Boots and warm socks, helmets, wool caps, buffs, gloves and sunglasses. Tight ski outfits, girls with braids, sunburned smiling faces, penis shaped icicles. The heat under the warm clothes, the smell of sweat in the ski hire.
All the bars on the slopes, even a snowy foodtruck with champagne and oysters… winter at a ski resort is my paradise.
Red slopes, green slopes, black slopes, blue slopes. The ski-lifts where you are forced to sit next to a stranger, a hot stranger, those are some of my favourite things…
… and by the way, let’s not forget the exciting challenge of getting laid with a sexy ski instructor!!

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