An Exquisite Note in Hysterical Piano Concert


“I’m a pianist with a dream. I want to perform nude on a stage, the audience is watching me and I can feel their eyes on my body, on my skin. As I play they come closer to me and the piano, and all of a sudden I’m surrounded by the crowd. When my music comes to the end, they approach even more, and I get more excited and confused. I climax, the song ends, they applaud…”

We have a new release today on XConfessions! The newest release, submitted by an anonymous member of the public, was inspired by Stoya et al in the deliciously erotic and imaginative Hysterical Literature! If you haven’t seen it before, you need to check it out. Multiple women read from their favourite books whilst their partner, unseen, stimulates them with a vibrator under the table. It is inspiring, spine-tingling and hilarious!

However, in Hysterical Piano Concert, Erika has taken the story on an even more voyeuristic, erotic journey. While a beautiful pianist, played by the magnetic Monica Ox, is performing an intimate concert, she is overwhelmed with sexual desire. She imagines herself performing naked, whilst being watched. Her magnetic sexuality enthralls her audience, bringing one watcher (played by an XConfessions regular and stellar performer, Maria Riot) to a point of ecstasy whilst seated in her chair. Two others move from behind the curtain and start to caress and kiss her whilst she plays, and as the music starts building towards a climax, Joel Tomas enters, bending her over the piano and driving her to a point of wild abandon. The exquisite intimacy of the setting, and whole focus on our lead woman makes it one of Erika’s most entrancing yet. The performers are beautifully matched, igniting the screen with ferocious passion, and the scenes with multiple performers touching and caressing the pianist are exquisite in their gentle touches and light kisses. Watch it now on XConfessions!