XC prescribes: what you need is a good fuck

Say what you want – a doctor’s coat is a powerful symbol. Maybe it’s because it says “I’m going to fix you”, maybe it’s because we feel so comfortably vulnerable when we are at the doctor’s office… reasons won’t actually matter as the truth is only one: it’s a classic! And we kinda love classics, don’t we? So make room for Dirty Doctor, today’s release in XConfessions!

We needed a very sassy patient, and this chair just wouldn’t fit any girl. Who would it be? The girl who best plays with textures, sensations and visual stimulation that I know of. Her nude outfits, her pierced septum, her silver hair color, everything was just perfect for the scene. Talking about Vex Ashley, confessors! Choosing who would play the sexy doctor was not difficult at all. Ashley has a great connection with Mickey Mod, and they were already going to work together in My Moaning Neighbor. He seemed to be the right person at the right time. And, as usual, he really was.

Don’t you love this art direction and this aesthetics? At first it looks cold and painful but one there’s action in it, oh my! You’ll see fingering, sex toys, vibrators, a hot-as-F cunnilingus and some intense fucking in about 10 minutes of classy taste erotica.

Watch it now!