“Wow. Berlin, what can I say? You sure know how to make a gal feel welcome! I’m still buzzing  – thanks so much to everyone (500 hundred of you!) who came down for my screening of XConfessionsand Q&A at Berlin Film Society last night. You all helped to make it an unforgettable night. I love Berlin, and I feel like Berlin really gets me. The openness, the energy and the engagement from the audience made the event feel like one of the highlights of my year already.

Last year’s we brought XConfessions to the big screen at Chicago International Film Festival and Raindance in London, and to be able to do that at Berlin Film Society too is just beyond exciting. I have a deep admiration for their work – they do such a great job at showcasing independent and auteur cinema as well as new, innovative filmmaking talent. One of their central aims is to create a multicultural dialogue among members of diverse cultures in Berlin, and they’ve quickly built a strong reputation for presenting insightful films that are often overlooked in mainstream German cinema distribution. Hats off to you!

Thanks again to the society for having me, and to everyone who showed up, asked questions, enjoyed themselves and made it an amazing night. As the event on 10 February sold-out quickly, we had an encore screening on the 12 February as well. It was amazing! It also happens to be the society’s fourth anniversary that weekend, so imagine all the party…

Take a look at how it was:

Auf Wiedersehen!