Dacrifilia, a sweet mix of sex and tears

Do you know what dacryphilia is? It is a paraphilia related to those who feel sexually aroused by someone else’s tears. If you’re one the dacryphilians out there, or if the subject sparks your curiosity, come with me in this erotic journey through blubbering!

Silvia Rubi plays a visual artist who is also a fetishist of tears. She works closely with emotions, she is very sensitive and highly emotionally intelligent. She works day and night in her atelier and her fetish goes hand-in-hand with her art. She has a deep respect for everyone else’s tears, especially for the participants of the research she’s leading, about the fragility of the human being. When she interviews Maximilian Gambero (who’s back to XConfessions after Do You Find My Feet Suckable and The Couchsurfer), she does smoothly directs the talk to bring him into the tears he’s trying to hold.

To make for a more realistic film, a lot of impro happened in the shooting! Max and Silvia were encouraged to bring their own words into the dialogue and improvise, which made for a very relaxed and honest film. We shot everything in a fabulous atelier in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona. It was a super creative day, with so many insights, we were breathing art! The whole team was very excited with the story and wanted to create a really bold film, to push a little bit more the boundaries of adult films.

So what do you think? How do you feel about #dacryphilia?

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