A real life erotic documentary: Circus Aerius Perversus!

Surrounding the links between performance, acrobatics, love, pain and sex, today comes Circus Aerius Perversus, XConfessions’ first real life documentary!

New performers to the project, Jowy and Eze are both aerial acrobatics and circus performers who recently decided to insert and play with erotica during their performances. When Erika heard about them she couldn’t wait to find out more. Once she did, she realised: their story was worth a movie.

Jowy was born in Barcelona, Eze in Argentina. They met a few years ago when she switched her life around and flew to South America to study circus arts in Buenos Aires. They fell in love and got over several obstacles in order to be together – and to continue performing together. Jowy has became a reference in aerial acrobatics and contemporary dance, and Eze specialized in equilibrium. Their passion for the human body and its capabilities, for dance and body movements, and for the sexual tension that comes with it made them the perfect couple for the first circus-themes short. Finally, this beautiful confession ny Teaoflust had a chance to come to life!

We filmed the entire short in the couple’s studio, El Otto in the Poble Nou district in Barcelona. Watching them warm up and practice the tight rope, trapeze, aerial silks and acroyoga was just so inspiring. They are intoxicating to watch, the way their bodies move and contort, the way they embrace, and fuck. Hot, magical, inspiring: watch it now!