Brand new performers in this coming of age tale of farewells and first encounters

Fresh faced Bonni Belle and Vincent Casals are teenage sweethearts. Dragged to Barcelona by her parents, Norwegian beauty Bonni finds comfort with her new and handsome best friend Vincent. Together they grow, mature and eventually, on the eve of her departure back to Oslo, decide to explore their sexuality. They’re full of anticipation, nervousness, timidity. Their skin turns to goosebumps at the slightest touch or kiss. They’re discovering new sensations, new heat and a new world of pleasure.

Erika Lust’s new short film Coming of Age is centered around the tender, loving intimacy of adolescent sexual exploration. Bonni and Vincent, despite being 22 years old, have an air of youth which beautifully accentuates their rediscovery of first encounters, the brand new excitement and unknown pleasures of sexuality. A private and intimate scene which takes place in the clean, pastel bedroom of a young adult. The short is bright, cool and a must-see for couples young and old who will be transported back in time to the world of erotic nostalgia.

Erika has once again turned a simple scene into a thing of beauty and intensity, bringing two young and angelic performers into the spotlight. Bonni Belle shines with pale Norwegian beauty, paired perfectly with Vincent Casals’ clean, handsome, femininity.

I am 16 years old, I know… I’m not even allowed to be in this site. But I love the films and the philosophy of this project that my sister gave me access to your site. I’ve read in an interview that people are constantly asking Erika Lust to be represented in the films she makes. And of course, I have my own claim… I’m tired and disgusted to see that my sexuality (teenagers sexuality) is so wrong in porn: “extra small teens get destroyed”, “petite teens fucked in the ass”, “fresh teen pussy2”, “innocent teens sex”, “black teen punishment 3”, just look at these covers (
Do we really have to be a fetish, always exploited, always having sex with older guys? It’s creepy.
The reality of our sex lives is way more tender, intimate, caring, loving and sweet. And most of the time we fuck people our own age, you know?
Please Erika, can you make a film about this mis-representation?

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