Birthday Surprise: Pole dance done right

Since we’ve started with the Guest Directors project on XConfessions, we feel the website is living a different breeze. It’s amazing to have other filmmaker’s creative minds on thinking your confessions!

Today’s confession, a fantasy about a pole dance girlfriend, was sent to the website a few months ago and Paulita Pappel’s  got right on it! The story became her second production in XC (her first participation was with Female Ejaculation). We spoke about how we wanted the story to be, and from her work station in Berlin she made it happen.

It’s wonderful how she transformed the confession into something so endearing. First, the planning of the surprise; then, all it takes to make it happen; and finally the spectacular moment where all the birthday-boy wishes come true! And as little flies, we get to see it closely as if all that beautiful surprise was actually made for us. Charming and sexy as hell!

Everything happens between Poppy Cox (one of my most adored performers – we worked together in Mad Men Porn and in A Talk Too Dirty) and Danny Dips. It just made perfect sense. Explosions on the stage! I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Watch Birthday Surprise now!