An Appointment With My Master wins Best Narrative Short!

The XConfessions film An Appointment With My Master just won the Cinekink Award for Best Narrative Short. What an honour! We love CineKink! They work hard to recognize and encourage positive depictions of sexuality and kink in film and television, most visibly through their annual film festival CineKink NYC.

With this film, Erika Lust wanted to tell a BDSM-tale that showed a different side to the practice than the “virgin dominated by emotionally disturbed man”-trope that saw fame with a popular movie a while back. Lust set out to show a scene that apart from being realistic, stylistic and hot – would also show the importance of communication, connection, respect, consent and trust between the performers.

Mickey Mod and Amarna Miller are both experienced with BDSM and know how important the aspect of communication is. Their bond in the film is just stunning, and it’s sexy to hear them talk to each other while bringing each other to ecstasy. An Appointment with My Master turned out as a super sexy film, with a large dose of warmth and charm along the pleasure and pain.

We are so happy that the lovely people at CineKink liked it too! Thanks so much for the award.

So, would you like to have an appointment with Master Mickey? Then watch (or re-watch) An Appointment With My Master in XConfessions now!