Alien Erotica: Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe

Ever fancied some meta/other worldly craziness with your porn? Wondered what it would be like inside a hipster’s wet, submissive dream? Erika Lust has collaborated with another Guest Director, Hadas Hinkis. And the film is so original and unique we don’t even know how to categorise it! Based on an anonymous confession about the desire to be treated like a piece of furniture, Hadas Hinkis has crafted a short film in her fantastically unique style that is instantly recognisable as hers, and utterly unique in the world. And we are releasing it on XConfessions today!
Using futuristic fabrics and geometric shapes, Hadas Hinkis has always created work that is totally original and unique to her own style. She’s worked as a costume designer and stylist, and she makes all of her amazing works of art herself. This is her first time working in adult cinema, and she nails it.
Get your hands on “The Sluttyboy” now!
Two women are meeting for lunch – dining off of the body of a man they are using as a table. But he isn’t a man. He is “A Sluttyboy”, there purely for the enjoyment and pleasure of his owners, “to serve you in whichever way you desire”.  He remains completely motionless until they decide they want to make use of his other functions as a human… What follows is some weirdly wonderful and hot sex that will leave you sexually and intellectually stimulated, a threesome like no other. Watch it on XConfessions today!