Airborne Erotica: Come Fly With XConfessions

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes it is! But it’s not just any old plane…it’s an XConfessions plane full of desire, seduction, sun and sex. The newest film Come Fly With Me features some erotic aviation at an airfield in the Costa Brava…

This confession is based on a young female flight instructor who teaches those afraid of flying. She pushes people into the air as their fear turns into adrenaline and endorphin’s…

A little bit of fear can be very sexy, especially when you have a hot pilot to help you calm your trembling nerves. We can all relate to the thrill of doing something that scares us and to that wonderful rush that sets in when fear and adrenaline morphs into pleasure! And when we are brave we can have our best adventures.

Carolina Abril was just right for the role as flight instructor. Her calm and confident persona, along with her dark gaze and natural beauty makes her perfect for this summer tale. And as the nervous passenger… no other than one of our absolute favorite rockstars and on-set comedians: UK-hunk Luke Hotrod

It was a treat to have Luke back, and Come Fly with Me marks his return to XConfessions since The Art of Spanking and Take Me Drunk, I’m Home. Welcome back Luke, you’ve been missed! 

Aerial shots from the plane over Costa Brava, allow you to see every mountain, beach, rice field, hill and dirt track.

A beautiful shoot with the contrast of naked, sunkissed skin against the smooth metal of airplanes. Soft against hard, humans against machines… it was just stunning.

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