A Lethal Femme Fatale in XConfessions

A man is lying on his back. He’s dizzy. He calls himself a detective – at least that’s what it says on that plate on his office’s door. He looks up, he’s not alone. He identifies her legs, her hips, her breasts and her eyes. She’s standing next to him, but something is not right: she’s holding a gun. And she’s pointing it at him.

Releasing today in XC, a story for all fans of Cinema Noir: A Lethal Femme Fatale!

This story was born after a confession submitted by MissD, in which she said she is a big fan of cinema noir and that, despite of it being a cliché, what she really wanted to see was the sex encounter of a detective and its “pray”. A pray that would later reveal herself to be the real threat. 

Sure thing, MissD! So, there we were: writing a cinema noir scrip, dizzy as it could get, starting by its end. Tricky and ambitious! We did everything to recreate the atmosphere of the years 20, the veils, the old cable phones… We went scouting through entire Barcelona and luckily we heard about this new cool bar that had just opened its doors, a few meters away from the Lust offices. It was called “Paradiso” (could the name be any more appropriate?), and guess our surprise when we found out that the bar was a real speakeasy bar, with hidden hallways and secret rooms placed inside refrigerators.

To play the mysterious characters, we invited two new performers: Zoe Davis and Max Deeds. It was their first time in XC and boy they look good on the camera. This short required some good acting skills, so hats off to Zoe and Max! We also had one of the best trumpeters in Spain, David Herrington, to elaborate the soundtrack for the film. What a talent!

Read the entire story and watch it now here!