Meow Kittens Orgy

by AmberNevada

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Adriana Eskenazi for XConfessions.

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 14min
Comments by Erika Lust
A bunch of felinas in the same room, purring from one side to another, licking and kissing and ooops, there it goes some spilt milk! Amber, Eris, Julia and Anneke: the furry world is yours!

I have always had this fantasy in my mind…
I love girls, and I love costumes and everything that involves role play.
My little personal fetish is girls dressed up as kitties.
Wearing little ears, and tails, maybe paws too.
And what does a kitty do? They drink milk.
So this picture comes again and again to my mind:
I am dressed up as a cat, and so is the girl next to me. We are black cats, with pointy ears, long fluffy tails. We draw each other whiskers on our face.
And we drink milk. We lick it from the bowl, while we look at each other.
She holds my hair so I don’t get it wet, I grab her thigh.
We give milk to each other, and then, a little bit spills over my chest.
She licks it from me. And it is incredible sexy. We start spilling milk to parts of our body and lick it off from each other.
We start to heat up, and we start to do more then just licking milk. We undress ourselves, still wear the cat ears and tails. We start touching and feeling our bodies covered in milk until we start having amazing sex. I like it rough, a lot of spanking, grabbing, biting and scratching like wild cats. There is a lot of licking, and now it’s not the milk. This is my fantasy and I want this to come true.

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  1. Cat lovers and cat owners surely appreciate this wonderful portrayal with such beautiful creatures. Super interpretations of cat mannerisms. Yes, I am a cat owner and now when I stroke my fluffy female cat it makes me horny..
    I assume there are plans for a sequel, where several male cats service a female when she is in heat – what’s known in human vernacular as a “gang-bang”?

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