Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe

by lovertoy

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Director: Hadas Hinkis
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 9:33
Comments by Erika Lust

I’ve worked with another guest director! I loved the images and concepts in this confession so much I wanted to make it something truly unique- and fulfilling that dream is Hadas Hinkis, with her first adult film!

Lately I’ve been having this recurring fantasy, imagining that I was a piece of furniture… Mostly a sofa or a table. Something about the idea of being an object, used by my sexy owner, turns me on a lot.

She is sitting on me, masturbating, rubbing against me, her wet pussy stains me…

Secretly, she knows I can feel her, but she doesn’t care about my satisfaction. For her I am just there to serve, to please, in whichever way she desires… In a parallel universe, I would exist only as her table.

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  1. I just watched A Clockwork Orange – in which there are table-women…they aren’t real, but still…strange coincidence…and sexy.

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