La Cena

by javier

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Barcelona based Irma Oltra uses photography as a way of speaking where words and letters are not necessary and the camera becomes a part of my body. These images are part of a project called "menja'm la fruita" or "eat my fruit". Irma also explores other arts such as improvisation, Argentinian tango, singing and aerial dancing.


I met a woman at the supermarket, we liked each other, I invited her to have dinner, naked, and she agreed. I arrived home and got in, left the wine and the ice cream in the fridge and we started kissing immediately. We got undressed, I served dinner on the table and we ate but at the same time we started touching and feeding each other, licking the food from our bodies and we made love on the stair’s railing, for the first time, then on steep stools and finally on a chair. Each time we both got till orgasm, all of them were explosive. Then she got dressed and left. Never saw her again. All of this was true.

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