Kopfkino//True Bromance

by Lvstprinzip

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ERRESULLALUNA and Chuli Paquin have lived and worked together in Parma, Italy, since 2012. Their pictures capture a symbolic moment when the models are no longer themselves, but become performers of their ideas and stories. They are fascinated by mythological issues, classicism and consciousness; by the banal equivalence of every human body and their paradoxical uniqueness.

“Always ask yourself: what gets you over the edge?”
The arthouse porn director is talking about something in her screenplay workshop that I can’t seem to stop visualizing in my very private imagination. I find a lot of things interesting, exciting and very sexy, but what effects me to the point that I cum? For some time it has been the same scene. Two guys – the exact images change, but what’s important is that they look a little different. One bearded and tattooed, the other is a class president with glasses. They take what they want – obviously, naturally – me, without asking and with unadulterated lust, they don’t know compromise. They are friends, or lovers, accomplices, in any case two guys who can communicate with only a few glances and gestures to decide what to do with me next. And of course, they don’t fear physical contact with each other. “A mouth is a mouth”, said one man to me once at a sex party, with a shrug, after he’d kissed another man for the first time. That’s what I want for myself: body parts and mouths become meaningless and are both kissed with passion, until not even a sheet can pass between. Only me. Until neither of us can tell  where one of us starts and the other ends. I have not yet seen a porno that depicts a fantasy like the one I’ve just described. Normally the actors are so homophobic that the only contact between the two guys goes no further than a friendly high five. But one can still dream a little, and at some point ask very carefully “Honey, don’t you find your friend Felix kind of attractive?”

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