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These are the stories chosen to become original XConfessions short films!

Spit It Up

I love my boyfriend, I love fucking him and I am always wet as soon as I see him. But this one thing he does, I don't feel like I can tell my girlfriends how much it turns me on. When I'm...
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Architecture Porn

She makes me stand in corners. She makes me stand tall and straight like the columns in her house. She makes me crouch on the floor, on all fours like a table. I am an object that she...
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Don’t Call Me a Dick

Don’t call me a dick, a dick is the most beautiful thing in the world, an inflatable miracle a forever jumping whale, the softest hardness, a shot of he-roin, sometimes a vulnerable...
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My Abduction Fantasy

Erika, I've never done BDSM, despite being intrigued. But now I'm more desperate to try something. My girlfriend and I watched this video a few nights ago. I don't think she took it...
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