I Want a Viking Warrior

by Pdcniki

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Adriana Eskenazi for XConfessions.

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Sylvan, Viktoria Vaar
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 13:19
Comments by Erika Lust
I loved this confession: the idea of being totally overpowered in a passionate, fiery embrace gets everyone hot under the collar! I decided to combine this confession with another to show the two sides of the story in a sexless marriage. I hope this inspires you to try something new at home!

I am in charge of everything and all the decisions in my life. But I secretly wanted to have a gloriously tall, alpha male, consume me in bed. I’m tall and dreamed of a taller, broad, male that could make me feel delicate…

Then I saw him, then I fucked him, then I got scared with how free and amazing I felt, and left.

But he found me, storming in the door with a look over his face that told me he was going to ravage me. I tried to be calm, in control. But as he walked towards me, stalking like a large predator – I knew I couldn’t resist.

“Don’t you ever run like that again! You know I’m going to have to spank you,” he said.

I knew and I was already so wet.

He smiled mischievously and continued: “Then I’m going to show you why you are mine, and bring you pleasure so intense that you will never think of any other man but me again.”

Now I am ruined for all others that may come after, the way he controlled my body, giving me pleasure over and over before I begged him to take his own. I scream his name and he screams a battle cry as we both reach the final climax.

My Viking warrior, and I his conquered woman.

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4 responses to “I Want a Viking Warrior”

  1. Love your story. I met a man like this once too. He was a true predator and always made me incredibly wet. I couldn’t resist to the scent of his body next to mine. Now I can’t ever be with another man without thinking of him.

    • Hi Smurfix, they are the same film released on the same day because it is two confessions made into one film. We’ve uploaded twice so that both people that confessed can see what their film has become.

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