I Imagine a Rapt Audience

by JadedJodie

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Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Irina Vega
Production year: 2014
Film duration: 9:06
Comments by Erika Lust
It sounds like we have quite an exhibitionist here on xconfessions! You are not alone. Adult performer Irina feels the same way as you: she loves to be watched. Here she is in a solo scene filmed on the infamous and luxurious Jailhouse Fuck bondage bed. She might not have a whole block of neighbors watching, but there was still a big enough film crew there to witness. Oh, and I love your title!

My confession is that I love to be watched, watched while I fuck, and watched while I touch myself.

I live in a block of flats, with lots of windows facing into me, and late at night I like to open my curtains and my windows, turn my lights on and have my lover give me to most delicious head, and I moan.

Sometimes I think I see flickers in other windows but I am never sure.

I imagine a rapt audience, breathless at the way my pussy looks, glistening as I run my fingers through my folds, perhaps one day…

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  1. I really can understand that and reading your confession makes me happy! I never dared to do it in a such obvious way. But some time ago I also lived in a flat with much windows around and it took me great pleasure to open them in the morning after I woke up to do some “surprise surprise” for my neighbors.

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