I Believe In Happy Endings

by LillyM

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Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2013
Film duration: 6:23
Comments by Erika Lust
LillyM you naughty thing! Yours was one of our very first confessions and it reminded me of the oriental massage trend that has become so popular here in Europe. I filmed this piece in a place called Tantra Touch here in Barcelona, where you can get the same kind of happy ending. I’ve partnered with Nua Cosmetics to create a massage oil (released soon in Perfumeries and cosmetics stores e.g. Sephora) – featuring this confession on the box! I'll never be able to get a massage again without fantasizing about your confession!  

I work as a masseuse for a swanky establishment with high-profile clientele. It’s the kind of place that’s so exclusive we hardly even advertise because all our clients know each other from the business world. The kind of place where our oil costs $50 per bottle.

Needless to say, this is not a place selling happy endings, but I have a secret. Some clients (both men and women) are too delicious to resist, and then my hands tend to wander. If they’re cool with it – and let’s face it, they ALL are – I work with my whole body.

Come on, I know you’re all wishing this would happen when you get a massage. So, I’m the masseuse that makes your dreams come true. There have never been any complaints… in fact, I have the most return appointments and referrals of anyone.

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11 responses to “I Believe In Happy Endings”

  1. I haven’t been with anyone for months now, only my vibrator, and I miss the touch of skin and hands all over my body. I’ve been thinking about getting myself a tantra massage, but then I’m too shy… But after seeing this video maybe this weekend I’ll finally go through with it…

  2. Masseuses are the best!!! They are good companions… Sometimes just a massage will do wonders. Its really a good occupation, I admire the job.

  3. I enjoyed watching this short film. It has a warm, erotic intimate feel to it and loving the bodies of the women.
    Very nicely shot film.

  4. Excruciatingly sensual and arrousing! I felt every inch of contact, of pleasure…including the climax. Thank you to all the ladies involved…stunning film.

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