Honey Bi

by Eric

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I have just discovered your work, and I love it. I'm now wondering why I wasted so many years watching the stupid redtube. Also, for the first time, I'm actually thinking of sharing it with my girlfriend, not as if it was a shameful teenage lone masturbation stuff. I've discussed this with her, and we'll watch a xconfession movie together next week, we're taking a week off whithout the kids in a german countryside hotel, I'm looking forward to that, and how it will play on us ;) Meanwhile, here's my fantasy: I'm bi (bottom), and my girlfriend knows it, but prefers ignoring it. So I would find very exciting to imagine a situation where we would meet a guy that attracts us both, and that we end up in bed together... in a way that doesn't feel awkward, and where no one would feel left out, where things would flow naturally. I would love to watch her with him, and also be fucked, but not as if he was just a toy that we exchanged, there would have to be a feeling a love and togetherness... Maybe if that is made into a movie, I could show it to her once more, and that would unlock our sex life ! She's kind of inhibited about expressing her own fantasies, but I know she felt aroused by the universe of "eyes wide shut".

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