Our First Swingers Party

by willhag

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A beautiful collection of natural erotic photography capturing the spirit of individuals in real time, exposing them from fashion and facade. By German model and photographer Simon Lohmeyer.


My wife and I arrive at our first swingers party, nervous and excited. The three couples awaiting our arrival greet us at the door and separate us, the men taking my wife and the women, me. Each of the three has a chance to say hello. They start with me. Each woman kisses me and removes some of my clothing, until I’m naked (and hard) at the end. My wife is watching eagerly. The men do the same to her as I get firmer and firmer watching her caresses, undressed and kissed by these men. The women circle back around, each taking their turn with me for a minute or so of oral sex on me, while my wife and the men look on. The men take their turn giving my wife cunnilingus as I start to drip. Now the women return to me, each getting 1 minute to fuck me in any position they wish, but all stopping before I cum. Now I must watch the men do the same to my wife, also denying her a release. By now, we are both bursting and get to return to each other. We make love, with the others watching, until climax.
And then the party really begins…

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