Sex & Sensibility

by ElinorDashwood

Performers: Parker Marx, Monica Ox
Production year: 2017

I’ve always been obsessed with erotic novels based in old centuries. Thinking about those hot male characters, all rude and wild... Gallivanting around the countryside on horseback, in the tight trousers you can see their delicious bulge through. Or fighting in a civil war, and returning home bruised and bloodied, in desperate need of the comfort of a woman's embrace. Every time I read one of my favourite novels I am overcome with a deep desire to enter into the world of the book. I want an old-fashioned, raunchy love affair! I want to taste and touch the main character in my novel, whose skin would be softer than any I'd felt before, arms stronger, kisses deeper. To be swept along in a classical, fantastical situation like that... a fantasy that I just can't have in the 21st Century!

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  1. sb900 says:


  2. erasmussen says:


  3. PsycheSpirit says:

    Love it love it love it

  4. CatherineZ says:

    Hmmm. Two incredibly beautiful people but I have to be honest -- i didn't get a sense of any genuine attraction here. Maybe it was the way it was shot and edited, i don't know, but this is the first time I've watched an XC and thought this. Not a criticism of the site AT ALL - I adore what you guys are doing here! Simply a bit of honest feedback left with sincere intentions

  5. drama.happens says:

    wow I loved this!! Now I want to see a part two for these two neighbors ;)

  6. Charlee says:

    Warm and erotic

  7. mandatoryrelease says:

    Yes! This is perfect!

  8. Jmrt says:

    Perfection. Love the sensuality.

  9. Kharabeet says:

    Haven't watched it yet but it's everything I want in theory!!! Jane Austin time and actual sex?? YAS!

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