Female Fantasy

by AliciaandZara

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Director: Alicia Hansen and Zara Kjellner
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 12.33
Comments by Erika Lust

I've got a treat for you! This release is special because it's the first time ever we're bringing in an outside production to XConfessions. I've picked one that lies close to my heart – Female Fantasy. This is the first film directed by Zara Kjellner and Alicia Hansen, two young Swedish women who've started the project New Level Of Pornography, an initiative to help make female-led erotica even stronger. I knew I had to invite them to show their sexy first film here at XConfessions. The film is all about the power of female fantasy and the passion and pleasures of meeting a stranger at dawn...  I love it, and I think you will too! 

I dream about sexy men in public areas, I dream about touching sexy men in public areas, I dream about them touching me, I dream about people passing by, I dream about their horniness, I dream about sharing sexual experiences, I dream about sexual liberation and sexy men.

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20 responses to “Female Fantasy”

  1. Really love the films from a female point of view, far more interesting than the male targeted, mainstream, story lacking nonsense!
    A male fan.

  2. I absolutely love it. I love all Erika’s films too!!! But this one is so extremely beautiful and it represents me so well! Although I am not Nordic and blonde but Mediterranean, but the half-done nails, the natural body hair, the cotton underwear, the old sneakers… And the fantasy with the guy at the bus stop. This is completely a story about me. Both performers are so natural and yet so gorgeous! I love the sound, with the silence and the soft moans, I love how it goes from her to her fantasy and how her fantsy is not very linear in time. Wow, I like it so much! I hope you guys are very successful in your career.

  3. So gorgeously done. Great work! This film has a visceral sexuality made into poetry through the skill of those involved. Thanks for putting the sexy things of life into the light they deserve. =)

  4. this was so well done and such a good representation of ladies rubbing one out haha
    the disjointed images, the sounds layering, the focus on her face, her hips lifting off the bed, her fist clenching instead of just the same vulva shots over and over… loved it!

    • I always felt like when you watched masturbation porn on mainstream sites that it didn’t seem very realistic! More like a “show” for the camera. I’m glad you like this!

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