Eat with… Me


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Rocío Lunaire for

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Julia Roca, Marc Morato
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 11:28
Comments by Erika Lust
The unique Dolly Parton once stated: "My weaknesses have always been food and men - in that order." I can hardly think of two pleasures more closely tied than good food and good sex. For this confession, we had one of the hottest shootings I can remember. The chemistry between the two performers was so raw and intense that the entire crew felt heated up! What a memorable moment! The natural beauty of fucking happening right there, live, just for us...  Julia Roca is gorgeous and the perfect guide for Marc Morato's first scene. So succulent!

I had a crush on him from the moment I first saw him on television. Tall, handsome, but somewhat shy, he never made it to the final rounds of the TV show everyone watches. But on those episodes he appeared on screen, I just couldn’t get enough of his arms, steadily chopping or softly kneading. I was jealous of the way he held knife, I wanted to become the bread dough under his hands.


Those days, I never missed his show. When the judges sent him home again (damn unfair!) I booked a session for one of his private cooking workshops in his place. I must be a terribly bad actress, because from the moment I arrived, I knew he had uncovered my plan. All my excuses for being there alone sounded lame and naive, so I decided not to lie.


“I want to be fed by you”, I said. He took my cutlery from me, stared into my eyes, and smiled. Then he caressed my mouth softly with his hand, and I licked it and bit it. “Finger food for you, then. I’m sure you will enjoy it”, he said. And we ate each other up.

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12 responses to “Eat with… Me”

  1. Food, colours, sex, love.

    This will the first movie I will watch from this site, I can’t wait for it…I love cooking with a man, it is the better way to create that “feeling”…it is not something you do BEFORE sex…cooking with him, eating with him and then make love…they are just three different forms of the same thing…sex! <3

  2. Thanks everyone! This short film was a success, I am so proud of it! Louri, the song is from a professional music library we use in post production, I’m afraid I don’t know the title…

  3. I’m such a sucker for romance, as soon as he picks her up to carry her to the sofa my ovaries exploded! Julia Roca is simply joyful on film, and I love how Marc Morato looks like he can’t believe his luck! He makes love like a man who truly adores women, I think I’m getting a bit of a crush!

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