The Demon Deep Inside

by Coco

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Milo Manara is one of the most renowned erotic artists of our time. Still active, he is a master for many illustrators and comic artists, though his influence can be spotted beyond, in films, fashion and advertising. He states "I draw to tell stories, I draw because it’s my job, I draw for fun, I draw because of the passion I feel for it: in the end, I draw because I belong to the human race and I can’t help but do it…" Among his most renowned titles are 'Click', 'Le parfum de l'invisible' and 'The Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman'.

I'm lying in bed at night, fingering myself. It's dark but some light from outside my window shines onto my naked body while I squeeze my nipple with one hand and finger myself with the other. I say quietly "please come, please, please, oh please." Out of the shadows comes a beautiful, dark blue demon with a big hard dick. He has the body of a man but wears the face of a ram. He has a tail too. He comes to eat me out and his tongue is extra long and seductive. When I'm wet, he slides his dick inside me and fucks me while I try not to scream of pleasure because my family is asleep. When he is done, he walks into the shadows and disappears.

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