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Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Parker Marx, Zoe Davis
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 12:35
Comments by Erika Lust
Once again playing with food, and taste, and the palato. It's amazing how our senses are connected. And a cannibal story! Intriguing, scary, and so HOT!

Nunca os ha pasado que deseas tanto a alguien que quieres morderle, cortarlo en trocitos, cocinarlo y comértelo ? Si, ya se que mas que una perversión sexual se llama canibalismo, pero es que el tío que viene cada jueves a la carnicería donde trabajo me despierta un instinto que no puedo reprimir. Hoy le he puesto una nota en su compra con mi numero, vamos a ver si llama….

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2 responses to “Carne”

  1. This has to rank as one of the most ribald sex scenes ever. The presence of a meat slicer, when he enters her vagina was an irony, more delicious than the roast beef! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think these two are so very captivating and sexy together! It seems like a play in domination. A switch back and forth which I find so dang hot! Ah how love and sex is to the spirit as food is to the body. Wonderful! Oh and how to get ahold of a body harness like the beautiful Zoe’s? Sooo sexy! Perhaps I can find one in my erotic new homeland, San Francisco.

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