Careful What You Wish For

by Mephistopheles

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I told my girlfriend one night how hot it would be for her to cheat on me, she muttered back to me.

As she moved abroad; I was waiting to visit her a fortnight later.

The evening I was due to fly out and see her; the flight was cancelled and I, put up in a hotel room overnight.

I let her know, she didn't reply. I spent the evening at the hotel bar, waiting for a text that didn't come. Until, it did.

I went back upstairs around 1 am, and let her know that I was in the hotel room, that I missed her.

She text me: "Don't text me. I'm busy tonight, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll send you something before then."

I spent the night restless; she knew she could have left it, but she wanted me to suffer.

The walls of the hotel closed in, and I put my head under my pillow pretending it wasn't what I knew it was.

About 4 am she text me a picture: her in her underwear covered in another man's cum.

She'd slept with him for seven hours, he'd made her cum three times - I only ever managed once.

As it took me back to that night, I recalled what she'd told me: "Be careful what you wish for".

So as I swallowed my words; my girlfriend told me how she swallowed another man's cum.

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