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Welcome to XCONFESSIONS, where your fantasies are made into a reality by acclaimed erotic film director Erika Lust.


Tired of the stereotypical porno-glam and porno-cheap imagery flooding the internet, Erika decided to embark on her most ambitious project to date.


Using the public’s own sex confessions, published here anonymously every day, Erika has established by far the most sophisticated and innovative crowdsourced erotic cinema ever seen. Each month, she picks two of the best submissions and turns them into beautiful, original and edgy adult short films.


XCONFESSIONS is proving to be the new wave in erotica. With two updates every month of the best quality, modern, explicit movies – it’s a great time to become a member of this growing project.


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To read confessions, write your own, and to watch free videos, you simply need an email address to create your anonymous profile. When you post your sex confession, your daring words could inspire a short film as well as any manner of erotic items – a box of chocolates, some sexy cosmetics, or a funky tote bag – which you would of course receive gratis. Every month, Erika picks at least two of her favorite confessions to turn into an erotic short film or item.


Get inspired! We want you to write from your heart, your cock, your pussy, your sweat, your cum and above all from your imagination ….



Ready for more? When you become a member, you not only get to read confessions, comment and write your own, but also get to explore our continually expanding catalog of films. Sign up for a 1-month, 3-month, or annual subscription, where you will have immediate access to all XCONFESSIONS videos, as well as exclusive perks and discounts on limited edition items.


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“Erika Lust takes people’s real-life stories, fantasies, and confessions and turns them into beautifully shot erotic films with actual plotlines and a focus on female pleasure.”
Erika Lust

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1977, Erika Lust is an independent erotic filmmaker, author, and founder of Erika Lust Films.

After graduating from Lund University with a degree in Political Science with a focus on Feminism, Lust moved to Barcelona, where her production company was established in 2005. She has directed four award-winning erotic films: Five Hot Stories for Her, Barcelona Sex Project, Life Love Lust and Cabaret Desire.

Her written works include Good Porn: a Woman’s Guide, The Erotic Bible to Europe, Love Me Like You Hate Me and La Canción de Nora. Lust is committed to forging a new concept of sexual expression: pledging, in her own words,

“You feel like you’re watching an art house film, only eventually everyone gets naked and has sex. It’s great.”

“to create new waves in adult cinema, to show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex: where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses and those seeking an alternative to porn can find a home.”